Hydra-Shok Component Bullets
(Photo by Federal Premium)

When Federal released Hydra-Shok ammunition in 1989, it quickly became popular with shooters. Not only do these loads provide accuracy, but also excellent stopping power for self defense. Up until recently, however, shooters could only purchase fully loaded ammunition. Federal has now released Hydra-Shok component bullets for handloaders.

This bullet’s hollow-point cavity features a center post that provides extremely consistent and effective expansion. Additionally, these bullets also come with a notched copper jacket. This notch helps make expansion even more consistent and reliable. In fact, these bullets have a proven design for stopping attacks.

Tom Burczynski originally designed these bullets in response to the FBI looking for a bullet with better terminal ballistics than traditional hollow-points. In fact, the ammo performed well over the years in gelatin tests, including against heavy clothing and hard barriers. Because of this, law enforcement officers and civilians alike have chosen these loads for decades. In fact, few bullets come close to equaling Hydra-Shok bullets, at least until Federal developed Hydra-Shok Deep.

Federal has released these bullets in 50- and 100-round boxes. Prices range from $17 to $32. However, Federal has already started shipping, so handloaders can pick them up immediately. They are available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum and .38 Special.

So, reloaders of the most popular self-defense rounds can now create loads featuring Hydra-Shok bullets using whatever brass and powder they prefer. It probably won’t be hard to find nickel-plated brass for these loads to look just right.

Available Hydra-Shok Component Bullets

  • 357 cal. 129-grain, 100-count / $30.95
  • 355 cal. 124-grain, 100-count / $30.95
  • 355 cal. 147-grain, 100-count / $30.95
  • 357 cal. 158-grain, 100-count / $31.95
  • 400 cal. 165-grain, 50-count / $16.95
  • 400 cal. 180-grain, 50-count / $16.95
  • 451 cal. 185-grain, 50-count / $18.95
  • 451 cal. 230-grain, 50-count / $18.95

For more information, please visit federalpremium.com.

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