Federal Premium announced its Federal Syntech Defense ammo in April and the hype train immediately took off. Expanding its Syntech line to now include a defensive 9mm cartridge is a nice move.

The Syntech family of ammo utilizes a special polymer coated bullet that eliminates the need for a copper jacket and the associated fouling that comes with it. Replacing metal with polymer also reduces the chance of ricochet with steel targets; obviously, this is a safety upgrade. Lastly, polymer is much easier on your bore than copper. Thusly, Federal Syntech ammo will keep your firearm cooler during long range sessions.

Federal Syntech Defense Testing

The Syntech SJHP projectile leaves the barrel at an estimated 1,050 feet per second. Once the bullet strikes soft tissue, the tip of the projectile breaks off into multiple segments and move outwards from the center of the impact. At this time, the main portion of the projectile continues through on its original path leaving a deep wound channel.

Watch above for my gel testing. I used a compact Walther PPS to conduct a function and accuracy test, then fired a round through both denim and leather into Clear Ballistics 10 percent FBI gel. Penetration expectancy is between 12 and 18 inches. With that in mind, I was forced to use two blocks for the first time in history with a defensive 9mm round!

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