Florida Man Shot, unintended discharge
(Photo by Wikipedia Commons)

Pasco Sheriff Department Deputies responded to a call about a Florida man shot at a Publix supermarket. Later, they announced that the man was hit by an unintended discharge while standing at the checkout.

The Tampa Bay Times reports the incident happen on Cinco de Mayo. Publix provided video to police that shows the man and his wife in line to pay for groceries. Then, the wife’s purse fell off the counter, which caused a derringer to discharge. The bullet hit the man in his lower right shin. He, obviously, flinched and then hit the ground.

Andy Taylor, aide to Pasco County Commissioner Mike Moore, witnessed the incident. In fact, he later Tweeted: “It would be really weird to be guy NEXT to him in line at cashier. I wonder what THAT guy is thinking,” Taylor wrote. “Hello, I am the guy that was next in line at cashier.”

Taylor also stated that the employees of the chain handled the situation well. They notified police, kept people calm until statements could be given and even took his purchases to another checkout.

Police stated the wife had a concealed-carry permit and ruled the shooting accidental. They also said that the man is in stable condition and they do not expect charges to be filed.

Proper Holster Could Have Prevented Florida Man Being Shot

Lots of women prefer carrying a gun in a purse. However, this isn’t the best method. Beyond this incident, where the gun hit and ground and fired, it can be difficult to get a gun out of a purse quickly enough to defend against an attack. Additionally, women often set purses down and walk away, providing opportunities for theft. This also means that the carrier might be away from the gun when needed.

Holsters keep handguns safely in a location that is accessible, which is one of the most important features of carrying a gun. If you’re going to carry a gun, you should keep on your person.

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