Florida Senior Citizen Shoots 73-Year-Old Robber
Julio Perez-Delgado, 73, was charged with attempted armed robbery and burglary with battery.
(Photo by Hialeah Police Department)

While reality should never be more unbelievable than fiction, some stories just can be made up. That’s the case of a Florida senior citizen who shot his alleged robber. The citizen is 80-years-old and the robber is 73.

Local 10 reports that last Saturday, Ernesto Del Monte came out of the Royal Arcade in Hialeah, which is in Miami-Dade County, when he as approached by Julio Perez-Delgado. When he got close, Perez-Delgado allegedly hit Del Monte with pepper spray. He then punched Del Monte and demanded money.

The older victim, however, had a gun in his pocket and the willingness to use it. Del Monte drew and fired several shots at his attacker. Perez-Delgado fled, but didn’t make very far. Police received a call about a man down with multiple gunshot wounds, and found him about a half mile away.

Perez-Delgado is currently listed in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital. He will face attempted armed robbery and burglary with battery charges once released. The victim received only minor injuries in the incident.

Thoughts on Florida Senior Citizen Attack

It would have been interesting to witness this attack. Not knowing exactly what was happening might have kept people from stepping in to help one side or another. This could have easily looked like two elderly gentlemen fighting over the affections of a woman or anything else. Of course, once shots rang out, folks might realize that this was more than just a disagreement.

Florida actually has pretty good gun laws because of older citizens, though this probably isn’t what most had in mind. Older citizens typically don’t have the physicality to fight off attackers, especially younger attackers. So, the state provided means for senior citizens to fight back by leading the way when it came to concealed carry and stand your ground laws. Of course, few figured both the victim and perpetrator would be senior citizens.

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