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To perform the standard draw, shooters must perform four separate motions. This includes the grip, pull, rotate and extend. However, sometimes an attacker is too close to extend the gun to eye level. For this reason, shooters need to conduct hip fire training before it is necessary in a situation.

Shooting from the hip seems easy; in many ways, it is quite easy. However, shooters typically perform on the street in the way they practice at the range. This can be a problem if an attacker is raining down blows or charging within reach of the defender. For this reason, shooters need to practice firing from the hip, either at the range if possible or in front of a mirror if not.

One of the main reasons for practicing firing from the hip is safety. The other is to become familiar with point shooting. Shooters must take care to prevent putting a round through the support hand. This can be done by either pressing it against the chest, or by raising it above the head. In fact, both should be practiced, as either could be needed in a self-defense situation.

Conducting Hip Fire Training

Shooters should use the sights if they can, but this is impossible when hip firing. It’s not hard to hit an attacker at an extremely close distance, but hip firing at a charging attacker at a little further distance might be necessary. Of course, to get proficient, all it takes is practice drawing and firing at various distances. This can be performed at a range or at home with an unloaded gun.

To practice hip firing, concealed carriers should stand in front of the target with the gun under a garment. Then, sweep the garment and perform three of the draw motions to pull the trigger after the rotate. Consider alternating drawing the support hand to the chest and raising it above the head. Also, starting training slowly and grow speed gradually. It is also good to start without ammunition until the skill is mastered. Here is where lasers greatly help shooters, both in practice and on the street.

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