Indiana Cab Driver Shoots Robbery Suspect
(Photo by WTHI)

Some jobs are more dangerous than others. Some of the more dangerous careers includes police officers and cab drivers, which was recently proven when an Indiana cab driver had to shoot a 17-year-old robber in Terre Haute.

The Tribune Star reports this happened last Monday after the driver picked up a fare on the Indiana State University campus a little before 11 a.m. He drove the suspect to an apartment on 17th Street. That’s when the suspect got out and allegedly pulled a gun. He demanded money from the driver, who also had a gun. The driver shot Young, who then fled the scene.

“The cab driver pulled out a gun and shot the suspect. Suspect took off. He was located by our uniform division, is in custody, he is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital,” said Ryan Adamson with the Terre Haute Police Department to WTHI.

Police found the suspect, identified as Daivionne Young, after he called for medical attention. They transported him to the local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The driver didn’t receive any injuries in the incident. After talking to the driver, police allowed him to leave the scene. Currently, police have no plans to charge the driver in this case of self defense. However, police plan to charge Young as an adult in this incident.

Indiana Cab Driver Kept Gun Handy

Nothing in this story reveals whether the driver picked up on pre-attack cues in this incident. However, he obviously realized something was going to happen or he constantly keeps his gun close at hand. It might have been a bit of both.

Staring at a robber with a gun in hand isn’t easy. Nor is trying to beat a bad guy to the shot when he has the advantage of having it out. This cab driver handle both with efficiency, even though drawing while sitting in a car is extremely difficult. In fact, shooters should really work on how to draw their gun while sitting in a vehicle. Not sure if this cab driver trained for this or not, but he still performed under pressure in this self-defense situation.

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