School Shooting Incidents, Sandy Hook
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While even one is too many, the New York Times recently used the FBI’s definition to determine there have been 111 school shooting incidents since 1970. This, of course, is in complete contrast with gun control groups, as well as most media.

In “A Half-Century of School Shootings Like Columbine, Sandy Hook and Parkland,” the Times examined hundreds of elementary, middle and high school shootings. This examination revealed that in 111 shootings on campuses over 50 years, 202 people were killed and 454 were injured. Also, in 16 of these shootings, there were no deaths or injuries. Most of those 16 happened after schools had closed or were unintended discharges of firearms. These incidents include both school resource officers making a mistake and students showing a pistol to friends in the hall.

Of course, this information put out by the Times is in direct conflict with most media groups, as well as gun control groups. Just last year, CNN claimed that there had been 288 school shootings since 2009. Earlier this month, CNN stated that there had been 15 school shootings so far in 2019. These, however, included drug deals and even a pellet gun incident. It also included an incident where a student was shot in the hand while on a bus. That shooter has not been found and is believed to have not been on the bus.

This basically proves what gun advocates have been claiming for years; gun control groups and media have been inflating the numbers by counting incidents that don’t rise to the level of school shootings.

Other Stats About School Shooting Incidents

In addition to claiming a much lower number of school shootings, the Times also admitted school shootings are rare compared to other types of school violence. Even so, schools often run lockdown drills for practice in case of an incident. Most violence in schools are the result of gangs, drugs and even suicides. The K-12 School Shooting Database used also shows that most school shooters are white boys or young men. It also shows that most incidents happen in the morning, though some do happen later in the day.

School shootings are a problem, but banning guns, or certain types of guns, won’t solve the problem. Additionally, the STEM School shooting shows that kids are tired of being used as props for gun control. Just recently, students walked out of a memorial when anti-gun groups and politicians tried turning it into a gun control rally.

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