(Photo by AR-15 Gun Owners of America)

A lot of tech companies have a history of being against guns. In fact, quite a few companies in general support anti-gun forces, and are quite unfriendly to gun supports. Most recently, PayPal has decided to no longer work with supporters of firearms, particularly one which it has cut all ties in regard to online payments.

AR-15 Gun Owners of America has announced that the online payment company will no longer process purchases through its online store. In the its communication, the tech company came out and stated it was anti-gun. AR-15 Gun Owners of America put out a statement on the change in policy.

“Well folks…..After doing business with PayPal for over 7 years now, they told us today that they have cut ties to our organization due to PayPal being antigun. (they actually told us that on the phone today) So, as of today, our online store will no longer offer the PayPal payment option as a service. We will still process credit cards through our pro-gun credit card processing company. We’re sorry for the limitation. We know a lot of customers like using PayPal.”

PayPal is Not the Only Anti-Gun Company

Over the years, quite a few tech companies have shown anti-gun colors, as well as many other types of companies, such as food, retail, banking and clothing, including a few that cater or used to cater to shooters and outdoorsmen and women. Levi Strauss has really come out in recent years supporting anti-gun initiatives, and Dick’s Sporting Goods has jumped full force in support of gun control. Even Youtube has suspended various accounts of users over the years who promote guns and gun culture; most have been reinstated, but it keeps happening.

Those preferring to not support companies with anti-gun tendencies, can visit This website rates companies’ support of the Second Amendment. Most of the information comes from the National Rifle Association, but it has other sources as well. It hasn’t been updated since 2014, so some of the information is old, but its a starting point. A simple Internet search also brings up quite a bit of information.

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