If you’re going to own guns, you have to find a way to protect them and prevent unauthorized access. There are many ways to prevent access, but safes and cabinets are probably the best, especially for those who have multiple firearms. A good gun safe or cabinet provides padded storage, and safes typically provide fire protection as well.

Surelock builds a variety of in numerous sizes, from 12-gun beginner units up to models that hold 68 firearms. The safes are fire rated, ranging from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes at 1,400 degrees, which are equal to above industry standards. This diversity also allows shooters to choose the set up best for them. Not everyone needs a safe big enough to walk inside. However, every gun owner must figure out the best way to provide protection and accessibility. That, of course, is exactly what these safes provide — protection via high-grade steel and accessibility through a digital keypad.

Of course, not everyone wants to purchase a large, heavy safe, preferring something a little more simpler. Many of these folks end up with a gun cabinet, such as the Constitutional cabinets with the patent-pending EasyAccess organization system.

Surelock Constitutional Gun Cabinets

Available in two sizes — a seven gun and a 14 gun — the Constitutional cabinets feature steel construction with a powder mocha finish. It also comes with 3-point lock bars and an electronic lock with up to six digit options. This provides up to 100,000 different combinations. However, its most interesting feature is the storage organization system.

Called EasyAccess, this system virtually eliminates the need to remove all stored items to get to items in the back. The vertical drawers slide out via a glide support roller, which can hold up to 150 pounds. It also has a high-density foam barrel rest for protection and spacing. Even better, the barrel rest has a magnetic back for easy relocation.

Whether looking for something for something to hold a few guns, or an awesome collection, these safes and cabinets provide what’s needed, especially that new storage system.

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