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We’re giving until it hurts! In this special “Fully Loaded” gun giveaway, you can enter to win everything you need for the ultimate plinking experience, including a brand-new Taurus TX22 and a pallet of accessories to get you going. And we’re even including a new folding knife to help you get all of these goods of that tricky packaging.

1. Taurus TX22

Sometimes overlooked as a “beginner” caliber, training with a .22 has many advantages over just saving you money. You can practice your accuracy, drawing from concealment, strong- and weak-hand shooting, reloads and transitions, to name just a few skills. A small-caliber handgun like a .22 LR is also a great way to familiarize new shooters with pistol handling and safety.

The Taurus TX22 is a sleek, lightweight rimfire that delivers great accuracy and reliability in any situation. With a 16+1 capacity, a 4.1-inch barrel, an adjustable rear sight, and the Pittman Trigger System, the TX22 is performance driven and ready for both work and play. (MSRP: $349; TaurusUSA.com)

2. Bear Swipe IV

Great looking and just the right size for everyday carry, the assisted-opening Bear Swipe IV from Bear & Son Cutlery (A-400-B4-B) features a reversible clip for tip-up carry, G10 handle scales and a 3.25-inch, Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel blade. The blade assist makes for a clean, strong deployment every time. (MSRP: $88; BearAndSonCutlery.com)

3. CrossBreed Carry Kit

If you want to carry a gun, you need a holster. If you are going to carry concealed (which you should), you are going to want a holster that is both secure and comfortable. This brings us to the CrossBreed SuperTuck, which is the perfect solution for IWB carry. With a premium leather backing and a hand-molded Kydex pocket, this holster is built to be worn towards the rear on your strong side. The modular belt clips are adjustable for cant and height, and we’re also throwing in CrossBreed’s Accomplice mag carrier and Founder’s Series Executive gun belt. (MSRP: $215; CrossbreedHolsters.com)

4. Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat

This 19-by-16-inch padded mat is large enough to handle your disassembled handguns and includes an attached parts tray to hold the pins, barrel and springs so they are always safely within reach. The surface is oil resistant. (MSRP: $15; RealAvid.com)

5. Real Avid Handgun Master Cleaning Station

This special kit from Real Avid packs everything you need to clean guns ranging from the .22 LR to the .45 ACP, making for an easier cleaning session. Features include various cleaning brushes with an ergonomic rod and multi-function T-handle, carbon scraping tips, patches, a pick set and much more. (MSRP: $40; RealAvid.com)

6. Real Avid Pistol Tool

The Pistol Tool from Real Avid has your back for those times when you have to fix your gun while you’re at the range or away from home. With titanium-coated stainless steel components, including a pick/scraper, a tanto-style blade, a bushing wrench, bit drivers, hex bits, laser sight keys and even a file, this tool is built to keep you shooting. (MSRP: $40; RealAvid.com)

7. Real Avid Smart Brushes

Sometimes your dirty gun needs a little extra brushing and scraping. These eight super-scrubbing brushes are designed to get to those hard-to-reach and often-overlooked corners where dirt and carbon likes to hide. (MSRP: $10; RealAvid.com)

8. TruGlo Tru-See Targets

Everybody wants to see where their hits land, even when you’re supposed to focus on the front sight. And when it comes to point-of-impact visibility, TruGlo’s Tru-See targets are some of the best out there. You can shoot the target as is or peel it off and stick to your favorite backstop. Each target comes with small black stickers to easily hide previous hits for a clean start every round. (MSRP: $17; TruGlo.com)

9. Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muffs

Thanks to advanced circuitry, these Razor earmuffs allow you to clearly hear desirable sounds, such as voices and steel impacts, while suppressing muzzle blasts and undesirable background noise, such as wind. The earmuffs are also ergonomic for all-day comfort, and the slim design works well for long guns. (MSRP: $70; WalkersGameEar.com)

*No purchase required. Open to U.S. residents only and void where prohibited. Prizes worth $844. Sponsored by Taurus and Real Avid. Starts 5/7/19 and ends 7/1/19.

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