Texas Pastor Shoots Intruder
(Photo by Pixabay.com)

Jesus said to turn the other cheek. However, when someone is breaking into your place, it’s more prudent to grab a gun. That’s exactly what a Texas pastor and his wife did when they heard someone breaking into their home.

According to KHOU, the pastor and his wife awoke to noises in their backyard near the door. When they looked, they saw a man trying to get inside. The pair grabbed guns and headed to the door. The suspect forced his way in, which is when both the pastor and his wife fired. At least one round hit the suspect, who firefighters declared dead at the scene.

After the shooting, the husband and wife called police before walking outside and placing their guns on the ground. ABC 13 reports that surveillance video from a nearby home shows the suspect walking down the street. It also caught the shooting. Considering the circumstances, police say that the case will be presented to the grand jury, but they won’t be recommending charges.

The pastor is a member of the United Methodist Church, which actually owned the house in which the couple was living.

Not Much Else the Texas Pastor Could Have Done

Forgiveness is a good thing, but when someone comes into your home with bad intentions, you fight back. And in Texas, everyone has a gun, even pastors. One thing this couple did very well, was waiting on police. It appears as if they realized the situation was over, and they didn’t need to tamper, or even be near, the crime scene. Then, they ensured the guns were in a location where arriving officers could see they weren’t a danger.

This is something gun owners need to think about. Obtaining a gun and training for potential situations is only a part of the equation. People need to understand what to do if a gun is ever used in self defense. And foremost is ensuring that officers don’t mistake the defending victim for the attacking suspect.

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