Expert shooters are experts for a reason. They study the sport and practice regularly to hone their skills. One of the best is SIG Sauer Shooting Team Captain Max Michel. He has won countless championships, so when he explains shooting while moving folks might want to listen.

Shooting While Moving

When shooting on the move, Michel takes three thing into consideration — distance of the target, difficulty of the shot and condition of the terrain. Each factor determines whether it would be better to fire while stationary or shoot on the move. If the distance is great, you might want to move closer, but the terrain could be difficult to traverse, especially in self-defense situations.

When performing this activity, Michel has four techniques he implements when moving and shooting. First, he keeps his knees bent to act as shock absorbers. This keeps the body moving in a smooth direction. He also rolls his feet from heel to toe. This prevents sudden impact on the ground, which can destroy sight picture and ruin shots. He also says he keeps his feet heading in the direction of travel, while pivoting his upper body toward the target. Whether moving forward, rearward or laterally, the body needs to be facing the target. Finally, he wants a strict sight focus, regardless of whether he is moving or the target is moving.

Now most of these tips lean toward competition shooting. However, they easily translate over to self defense. They are also important skills to learn. Self-defense situations are seldom static events. That’s actually one thing movies and TV gets correct. If folks aren’t actively pulling the trigger, they should be moving toward cover or concealment, a better angle of attack or retreating to get away. And with these training tips, folks can perform can do all all of it accurately at the same time.

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