Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Pistols
(Photo by Smith & Wesson)

There is no doubt the Shield is a great pistol. Since Smith & Wesson introduced it in 2012, the Shield has led the compact pistol market, with models in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Shooters like this pistol, so it is not a huge surprise that S&W recently announced it has now shipped 3 million M&P Shield pistols.

“Over the past seven years, the M&P Shield pistol has continued to be the handgun of choice for personal protection,” said Lane Tobiassen, Smith & Wesson president. “The M&P Shield pistol design hits the sweet spot between shootability, concealment and power to provide a reliable personal protection pistol.”

Since bringing out the original, S&W has expanded the Shield family to meet the needs and wants of shooters. This includes integrated lasers, different sights and M2.0 versions. In fact, shooters can pick up a Performance Center Shield, which comes with a tuned action and trigger, as well as a red dot option. The Performance Center Shield also comes with a slightly longer barrel.

Smith & Wesson even developed an easier-to-use version in .380 ACP called the Shield EZ. Then, the Performance Center, once again, got involved and made an already good gun even smoother.

Benefits of M&P Shield Pistols

There are lots of reasons why shooters love Shield pistols. To start, these guns were some of the earliest compact 9mms. Then, Smith & Wesson brought out different configurations, providing shooters with even more choices. Shooters have a choice of sights, sizes, calibers and features, including tuned versions from the Performance Center. The company even put out a version specifically designed for those needing a easier to rack slide and lighter caliber.

The features, calibers and configurations, as well as the sales, show that Smith & Wesson has done well with the M&P Shield pistols.

“We are honored to be the firearm of choice for consumers across the country who have chosen the M&P Shield pistol for their personal protection needs,” said Tobiassen.

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