Boost Mobile Clerk Shoots Robber
(Photo by Boost Mobile)

If faced with a robbery, compliance can be the best option. However, another option is waiting until the opportune moment to fight back. That’s how a Boost Mobile clerk handled a situation when an armed man tried to rob the store.

KSHB reported that the incident happened on June 10 in Kansas City, Mo., around 7:45 p.m. Allegedly, Deshawn L. Brim walked into the store with a gun with the intent of robbing the store of cell phones. While brandishing the gun, Brim went to jump over the counter. That’s when an employee, who happened to have a gun, took that opportunity to draw and fire a single shot at the robber. The employee’s aim was true, as the round hit Brim.

When police arrived they discovered Brim dead from a gunshot wound, as well as his wife, who was waiting outside during the attempted robbery. Officers interviewed the wife, along with the Boost Mobile clerk, who was cooperating. Officers also plan to review the surveillance video in the store. According to Officer John Lacy, police are not looking for additional suspects.

Wait for Opportune Moment

No one wants to be a victim of a robbery, especially those carry a gun; the whole decision behind carrying a gun is to not be a victim. However, it can happen, and if it does, even armed victims need to wait until the right moment to strike back. In fact, it is often best to comply until an opportunity arises.

That is actually how the store clerk handled this situation, whether on purpose or not. Performing multiple tasks at the same time can be difficult for anyone. Add in the stress of committing a crime, and the average criminal is probably going to make a mistake. And that is best time for a defender to attack. Awareness provides options and a gun provides means, but timing provides opportunity.

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