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There is no doubt that gun trumps knife. However, this doesn’t mean that the one with the gun must pull the trigger. Owning and carrying a gun requires a certain amount of discretion for knowing when you should and shouldn’t pull the trigger. A Brazilian shop owner recently used good discretion against a young robber. He also used his gun and distance, which are both very important for self defense.

The incident was caught on video back in 2018. However, it still contains numerous lessons for those interested in self defense. The first is simply awareness. This shop owner watched this young man enter his store and even stood up to greet and serve; the shop owner didn’t know at this point the man had bad intentions.

The second involves keeping your gun on your person. If this shop owner had hidden his gun near the register, things would have gone differently. This doesn’t mean the shop owner would have lost, but he would have had to make a break for his gun; might have made it, but might have not.

The next action that self-defense advocates need to notice is how well the shop keeper managed distance. Being behind a counter, he couldn’t jump too far, but he still stepped back as he drew. Once the robber dropped the knife, the shop owner moved forward to take command of the situation, but distance is a friend in almost all situations. Distance provides time, which provides options.

Finally, this man used excellent discretion in this incident. This young man had no idea what he was doing, and is in no way a seasoned criminal. Pulling the trigger would have been unnecessary, particularly since the boy dropped the knife instantly. Discretion is important in life, but extremely important when carrying a gun. The wrong choice can get a person into a lot of trouble.

Watch: Brazilian Shop Owner Ends Situation Without Pulling Trigger

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