Clayton County Man Shoots Intruder with Rifle
(Photo by 11 Alive)

Most of the time when we discuss home-defense shootings, we’re referring to a handgun. This is despite the fact that shotguns and rifles make better defensive weapons. A Clayton County man either knew this, or just used what he had handy when he decided to confront an intruder down in Georgia.

According to 11 Alive, Clayton County police responded to a call to a house a little south of Atlanta around 3 a.m. on June 7. When officers arrived, they discovered an 18-year-old man lying at the bottom of the step of the home. The man, identified as Jayven Jackson was wounded but alert. However, he also wasn’t the registered homeowner.

During the course of the investigation, police talked to the homeowner, who claimed that Jackson had broken into his home. The homeowner told police that he was awakened by someone banging on his front door. Then, the homeowner heard glass break and the door unlock. The homeowner grabbed his rifle and prepared a reception for the intruder.

As Jackson allegedly climbed the stairs to the house, the Clayton County man fired several shots, hitting him in the lower extremities. After being shot, Jackson crawled down the stairs, where police found him. They transported him to the hospital, but he died along the way.

While police are still investigating, at this point they believe the homeowner acted in self defense. As such, he probably won’t face charges in the shooting.

“People have the right to defend themselves,” said Maj. Anthony Thuman with the Clayton County Police Department, “that’s the point we want to drive home, you have the right to defend yourself.”

Police officers knew Jackson from previous incidents when he was a juvenile.

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