DeSantis Dual Angle Hunter Hybrid Holster
(Photo by DeSantis Gunhide)

The idea of self defense is being ready for two-legged predators. However, there is danger in the outdoors as well. In fact, there are quite a few animals that can take down a person, but there are other humans out there, too. To be ready for either means carrying a fairly powerful handgun. Most folks prefer a revolver with at least a 4-inch barrel.

To carry such a gun, especially all day outside, folks need a holster that provides comfort, access and security. DeSantis created this with the Dual Angle Hunter Hybrid Holster.

The Hunter Hybrid comes out as a rendition of the original Hunter dating back to the 1970s. That holster was popular with shooters who liked the idea of being able to go back and forth between strong side and crossdraw. It came, however, only in high-quality leather, which keeps prices on the higher end. The Dual Angle Hunter runs $120.

DeSantis Dual Angle Hunter Hybrid Holster

The Hybrid provides the same features as the original Hunter, but it also allows shooters to easily swap between hands. This holster can go from strong side to crossdraw for both right- and left-hand shooters without making adjustment. And since it is a hybrid, the costs are very reasonable.

DeSantis builds the Hybride from 1060D Senior Ballistic Nylon and a smooth pack cloth lining with a core of closed cell foam. For the upper portion, though, the company used premium saddle leather. This creates a holster that comfortably carries in flexible Nylon, but via leather belt loops for security. The holster also comes with a leather snap that provides even more retention, and the company makes all this available for only $44.99.

Currently, the Hunter Hybrid is available for only 4- and 6-inch revolvers. The company actually lists Colt, Ruger and Smith & Wesson revolvers on it site, but claims it will fit most revolvers of this sort.

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