Detroit Man Shoots Intruder
(Photo by Click On Detroit)

Whether you consider home to be a castle or not, it is still a place where one should feel safe, meaning others shouldn’t enter it without permission. Unfortunately, it does happen. Recently, a Detroit man was outside his home with his family when he went inside to get something. Upon entering, he found a man inside with a gun. The homeowner used his own gun to kill the intruder.

The incident happened around 9:30 on June 18 on Detroit’s west side, according to Click On Detroit. The homeowner told police that the intruder raised a gun in his direction, so the homeowner fired his own gun. The bullet struck the unidentified 20-year-old intruder, fatally wounding him.

One report states that the homeowner heard a commotion, which is why he entered the house. It also claims that the intruder allegedly had a shotgun, rather than a handgun. Full details will likely never become available.

Detroit Man Keeps Gun Accessible

As is typical, details are limited in this incident. Police haven’t released whether or not the homeowner has a concealed-carry permit, or simply quickly grabbed a gun upon discovering the intruder.

It is more likely that the man had the gun on his person, particularly if he entered the home without realizing an intruder was inside; it can be quite difficult to find a gun when facing an armed intruder. If so, the man made the decision to carry at all times, which most experts recommend.

There is no point of having a concealed-carry permit if you’re not to carry the gun. Sure, there might be times when it is inconvenient, including when simply hanging around the house, but it is not hard to figure out a way. The rule is quite simple; if you’re awake, you should have a gun on your person.

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