Florida Motorcyclist Shoots Attacker

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, as many drivers overlook them on the road, and there is little protection other than helmet and gear. Additionally, these machines provide opportunities for someone to walk right up in a confrontation. This is what happened to a Florida motorcyclist last Thursday night.

The incident happened in Largo when an apparently intoxicated man became upset at the motorcyclist. He walked up saying something, but the rider couldn’t hear through the helmet. That’s when the attacker allegedly punched the rider through the open visor of the helmet. This knocked both machine and man to the ground, briefly trapping the rider.

When the attacker walked around the bike, the rider scrabbled up and started backing away. He also told his attacker he had a gun and to stop walking toward him.

Florida Motorcyclist Tried Not to Shoot Attacker

“The man moved his hand under his vest at his waistline and the motorcyclist, who had his gun in a holster at the small of his back, thought the man was reaching for a weapon,” said Largo Police Lt. Randall Chaney, according to WTSP. “Witnesses say the motorcyclist backed away for approximately 20 to 30 yards, telling the man multiple times that he did not want to shoot him.”

That’s when, according to the rider, the attacker lunged forward, forcing the rider to fire three shots, hitting the attacker in the arms and torso. Emergency personnel transported the wounded man to Bayfront Medical Center in serious condition. While police have not released any name, the motorcyclist is apparently cooperating.

Most gun owners have no desire to shoot anyone, and it is apparent this gun owner did everything he could to avoid doing so. Witnesses told police the rider back up 20 to 30 yards (60 to 90 feet), repeatedly telling him to stop before firing. He probably could have legally fired in self defense much sooner.

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