Florida Store Manager Shoots Carjacker
(Photo by WTSP)

When criminals get desperate, they also get stupid and dangerous. This is why a Florida store manager had to draw and fire on a potential robber and car thief.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office received several calls Tuesday morning about the same armed individual. The man, identified as Eric I. Jackson, allegedly tried to steal four different cars. The car owners, however, had locked their doors. When he was unsuccessful, Jackson allegedly then tried to get inside a few stores at the Sun City Center complex.

WTSP reported that several witnesses also worked together to stop Jackson.  A delivery driver placed his truck between Jackson and others in the parking lot. Then, store employees barred his access to shops. In fact, one employee supposedly prevented Jackson from entering by holding the doors shut via sheer determination. Other stores had not opened yet.

Eventually, Jackson made his way behind the shopping center. This is where he ran into Audibel Hearing Center manager checking on his car.

Armed Florida Store Manager Ended Spree

After some employees told him that someone was outside trying to steal a car, the manager decided to check on his own car. That is where the pair confronted each other.

Police say that during the confrontation, the manager, a licensed concealed carrier, shot Jackson several times in the upper body. After being transported to South Bay Hospital, doctors pronounced Jackson dead. Police claim Jackson had a long criminal history, including 10 felony convictions. Most of the charges concerned drugs.

Police are still investigating, including reviewing surveillance video and talking to witnesses. However, they have no plans to charge the store manager with any crime at this time. Considering Florida’s stand your ground law, this good guy with a gun will never face charges in this incident.

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