Florida Woman Turns in Guns; Gets Arrested
(Photo by Polk County Sheriff's Office)

After her husband was arrested for a domestic aggravated battery charge, a Florida woman decided to turn in his guns to local police. However, the incident didn’t go as planned. Lakeland police arrested her on on two counts of grand theft and one count of armed burglary.

The original incident happened on June 14. After a hearing on the couple’s pending divorce, Joseph Irby allegedly rammed his wife’s car with his own. Officers with the Bartow Police Department arrested him on charges of domestic violence-aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. They booked him into the Polk County Jail for the second-degree felony. He bonded out the next day.

In a pretrial release order, the judge order Joseph to not carry weapons of any kind. This included guns, ammunition and knives. Before he could get out, however, his wife, Taylor Irby, decided to enter his apartment and remove two firearms. She then took the guns to the Lakeland Police Department to turn them in. Officers arrested her shortly later.

Florida Woman Admits Burglary Charge

When Taylor tried to give the guns to police, she admitted to entering her husband’s apartment without permission. An officer actually asked her if she had permission. She said no.

“So you are telling me you committed an armed burglary?” the officer said, according to The Ledger. She replied; “Yes, I am, but he wasn’t going to turn them in so I am doing so.”

The officer placed her under arrest. In fact, she spent six days in the Polk County Jail before making bond.

Considering the unusual circumstances of this case, it is not surprising it has created a bit of a firestorm. Some have already come out saying that Taylor Irby shouldn’t be prosecuted. Others claim she broke the law. In fact, Lakeland Police Chief Ruben Garcia stated his office has received numerous calls and emails in response to the arrest, both exhibiting support and opposition. He believes that people should wait for the system to work.

“Each case is coming up, and we have to look at both sides,” Garcia said. “Nobody has been convicted of anything yet, so everyone is presumed innocent. We’ll continue to watch the cases as they go to court.”

Jacob Orr, a spokesman for the State Attorney’s Office, stated that the office is reviewing the allegations and evidence, and will conduct a review before making a decision on charges.

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