Texas Governor Greg Abbott
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Not too long ago, a few news groups surmised that Texas might be going a little less pro-gun. Governor Greg Abbott recently destroyed that idea by signing 10 pro-gun bills into law.

The National Rifle Association supported all 10 of these bills. The group even supported the Safe Gun Storage Campaign included in the budget bill, which simply promotes safe gun storage.

While all of these laws are important to gun owners, a few stand out, such as HB 1177, HB 3231 and SB 535. These laws allow citizens to carry concealed without a permit during disasters; modernizes the state’s preemption law to keep municipalities from abusing zoning authority; and removes places of worship from prohibited places in the penal code, respectively.

So, basically, these laws provide gun owners with more rights. This includes carrying during a necessary time, and when in a potential target. One law also stops cities from being able prevent the sale of guns and ammunition at the local level via zoning laws. The Lone Star State leans heavily pro-gun, but the leaders of a few larger cities have started breaking from the fold.

State legislators, however, decided to let anti-gunners know that Texas still supports gun rights by passing these bill. Then, Abbott signed these NRA-supported bills into law. The mainstream media greatly pushed the idea that gun supporters didn’t want the gun storage campaign. However, pro-gun groups constantly push gun safety. In fact, gun groups promote safety much more than anti-gunners, despite having safety in the names. Gun advocates just don’t believe the law should tell gun owners how to store firearms. Instead, they believe gun owners should decide the best methods to store guns for their needs. 

Other Important Bills Signed By Governor Greg Abbott

House Bill 121

Provides a legal defense for License To Carry holders who unknowingly enter establishments with 30.06 or 30.07 signs, as long they promptly leave when verbally informed of the policy.

House Bill 302

Prohibits “no firearms” clauses in future residential lease agreements and protect tenants’ rights to possess lawfully-owned firearms and ammunition in dwelling units and on manufactured home lots, and to transport their guns directly between their personal vehicles and these locations.

House Bill 1143

Prevents school districts from effectively prohibiting the possession of firearms in private motor vehicles by limiting their authority to regulate the manner in which they are stored in locked cars and trucks — including by employees.

House Bill 1791

Closes loopholes in the state’s “wrongful exclusion” law that cities, counties and state agencies have been using to restrict License To Carry holders in government buildings.

House Bill 2363

Allows foster parents to store firearms in a safe and secure manner while making them more readily accessible for personal protection purposes.

Senate Bill 741

Prohibits a property owners’ association from including or enforcing a provision in a dedicatory instrument that prohibits, restricts, or has the effect of prohibiting or restricting any person who is otherwise authorized from lawfully possessing, transporting, or storing a firearm.

Senate Bill 772

Provides civil liability protection to business establishments which choose not to post 30.06/30.07 signs, making them less vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits and giving them an incentive to adopt permissive policies for the carrying of handguns by law-abiding citizens on their premises.

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