“We’re not going to confiscate your guns; we just want to know who has them, and then fingerprint and fine those who keep them. We also want to limit rounds you can buy and carry, and force you to store your guns in a way that makes us feel safe.”

Isn’t that how it feels when listening to anti-gunners? Lately, though, these folks seem willing to admit confiscation with very little prodding.

It sure didn’t take Illinois State Sen. Julie Morrison long to go that route when a gun owner discussed his concerns with SB107. He claimed the purpose of the bill was to take away his semi-auto firearms. She responded by saying its purpose wasn’t to take them away but to prevent future sales. The gun owner pointed out that the bill included a fine for those who don’t hand guns over. Morrison’s reply is eye opening.

“Well, you just maybe changed my mind,” said Morrison. “Maybe we won’t have a fine at all, maybe it’ll just be a confiscation and we won’t have to worry about paying the fine.”

SB107 would effectively ban semi-auto rifles, particularly those the anti-gunners consider “assault” rifles in the Land of Lincoln. It would also ban some semi-auto shotguns, possibly all semi-auto shotguns depending on how the wording is defined. Under this bill, shotguns with fixed magazines capable of holding more that five shells would be banned. Does that, however, take into consideration shorty shells? If so, it bans all semi-auto shotguns.

That’s what concerns Illinois gun owners. The bill would ban most semi-autos, including popular hunting long guns, such as tubular magazine .22 rifles. Recently, though, areas outside of the densely populated area that controls the state have pushed back against these new anti-gun proposals.

It’s More than Just Julie Morrison & Illinois

While this might be the most blatant occurrence, Morrison isn’t the only one pushing some over the top anti-gun proposals. Democratic presidential candidate Eric Swalwell has come out multiple times saying he want a federal ban on most semi-auto rifles, with a mandatory buyback program.

Most recently, though, Swalwell called for a ban on people owning more than 200 rounds in any single caliber. He outlined this plan in a speech given near the NRA headquarters in Virginia. He also said he would ban standard capacity magazines, online ammo sales and purchasing more than one handgun a month. Unfortunately for him, only about 18 people showed up to his event.

Despite his big anti-gun push, the California representative is polling well below one percent. This means that without a big jump in the polls he won’t even be allowed in the Democratic presidential debates.

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