Indiana Woman Loses Gun, Gets Shot
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Those who keep a gun have the means for home and self defense. However, to be successful during an incident, you have to be willing to use that means. An Indiana woman discovered this when she became wounded in a struggle with an intruder over her own gun.

The South Bend Tribune reports that Sarah Marshall of Goshen heard a noise in her home and went to investigate. That’s when she saw a man standing inside her home. She retrieved her gun and went to confront the man. However, the pair ended up struggling for the gun, which resulted in Marshall being shot in the leg.

The unknown suspect fled and Marshall dialed 911. Emergency personnel transported her to Goshen General Hospital for treatment. Police have not released a description of the suspect.

Now, gun advocates has spent years protecting the means for self defense, which provided this Indiana woman a gun to protect her home. However, it is up to her to have the willingness to use that gun if needed. She also needs to obtain some training to learn retention and home-defense tactics.

Retention and Willingness

In the gun world, retention has a couple of different meanings. First, retention stands for how well a holster keeps a gun in place. In this case, though, retention refers to keeping control of a gun during a self-defense situation. There are different ways to ensure retention.

The first and foremost is distance. In almost every situation, distance is the friend of the defender. As shown by the Tueller Drill, an attacker can close 21 feet in about 1.5 to 2 seconds. Anything that add more time to this situation is good for the defender, as an attacker who can’t get close can’t grab a gun.

Next is keeping the gun close to the body instead of reaching out in a full extended grip. Now, this prevents the use of sights, but in extreme close-quarters fighting, sights are less important than willingness and wherewithal. While we don’t know exactly how, this Indiana woman let her intruder get too close, which ended with her receiving a bullet in the leg.

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