Louisiana Store Clerk Shoots Robber in Neck
(Photo by NOLA.com)

Last Thursday, a man walked into Birdie’s Food and Fuel with a shirt over his face and a gun in his hand. The alleged robber went up to the counter, pointed the gun and demanded money. However, this happened in the Pelican State, so one Louisiana store clerk also had a gun and he quickly turned the tables.

This robbery attempt actually happened fairly early, according to NOLA.com, with incident starting around 8:30 a.m. Police identified the suspect as Darnell Lee. Surveillance video shows Lee, dressed in a dark, hooded sweatshirt with a red shirt over his face, pointing a gun at something behind the counter. That’s when, however, another clerk drew and fired, hitting Lee in the neck.

Authorities transported Lee to the local hospital in critical condition. There have been no more reports on his condition; potential charges have also not been announced. St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies continue to investigate, and will turn over their results to the prosecutor’s office for review. It does not look like the clerk will face charges in the incident; he protected a store and its employees.

Louisiana Store Clerk Understood Accuracy

Being in the South, Louisiana has some pretty good gun laws; most Southern states lean heavily toward gun rights. A lot of stores, however, don’t allow employees to carry concealed; it doesn’t look as if this is one of those stores. Of course, the name makes one think it might be locally owned. In any case, none of the news reports state that the employee lost his job.

This store clerk also understands how to use the sights, as the report mention only one shot. However, he might want to start concentrating on center mass. Of course, the head, neck and upper chest might have been when the clerk could see.

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