Milwaukee Police Headquarters Shooting
(Photo by WISN)

Self-defense shootings happen all over the place, but few expect one to happen right outside of the Milwaukee Police Headquarters. And the incident happened because of a handicapped placard that wasn’t being used.

Police were probably surprised by having to respond to a shooting call right outside headquarters around 10:30 a.m. last Wednesday. However, that’s what happened, according to WISN. Police claim that Joseph Drier walked up to the unidentified 28-year-old woman and said that she shouldn’t have a handicapped parking placard. The woman basically told him to go away, so he left and allegedly came back with a steering wheel lock. She claims he then swung it at her, so she pulled a gun from her handbag and shot Drier in the leg.

“I’m screaming for help at the top of my lungs. No one would help me. I was scared. I felt like my life was in danger,” she said.

Immediately after the shot, an FBI agent appeared, gun in hand, and took control of the situation. This includes telling the woman to put down and step away from the gun. More officers arrived to investigate the situation. Drier, however, admitted to being angry about the handicapped placard. He also also told police that he threatened to hit her with the lock, which is when she shot him. Witnesses also placed fault on Drier.

Police presented charges to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, which determined the incident was self defense. Most interesting about the entire incident, though, is the woman wasn’t parked in a handicapped spot when Drier confronted her.

Attack at Milwaukee Police Headquarters?

Anger over handicapped parking spots can be understood. But when did it become a citizen’s job to police this activity? This whole incident just should not have happened, but the woman absolutely did when she needed to. It is the man who should have walked away, or possibly called police if it bothered him that much.

Still, this is a great example of why folks should always carry a gun. In this incident, the attack was a misunderstanding, but that doesn’t changed the potential impact of a blunt instrument. And misunderstandings happen every single day. Most don’t result in someone being shot and arrested, but it could have ended an different way if this lady hadn’t been carrying her gun.

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