Criminals don’t seem to think ahead. Or if they do, they don’t do it very well. One would think an armed robber would plan a heist, but it never seems to happen. Case in point is a robber in Ohio who gets caught on video climbing into drive-through window of a convenience store. A clerk sent him back out with a gunshot.

WFMJ reports the incident happened June 24 in Warren at a Pit Stop just before midnight. Employees were getting ready to close, when a man tried to climb through the drive-through window. Video surveillance shows a man dressed in black with a mask walk up to window and force it open. He then pulls a gun from his waistband and begins climbing through the window.

A clerk inside sees the suspect and grabs a gun kept under the register. He quickly racks the slide and proceeds to pie the window, and even sends a round in the general direction of the suspect. General direction because the time codes shows the suspect took off the moment he saw the clerk, and was nowhere near the window when the clerk fired. Police brought in a K9 unit to track the suspect, but were unsuccessful. Employees believe the suspect thought the store had already closed, which is why he tried to enter through the window instead of the front door.

Ohio Clerk Has Decent Moves

While video shows that the shot was unnecessary, this clerk handled this situation quite well. His situational awareness quickly picked up on the danger, and he didn’t panic. He quickly and confidently headed to where the gun was stored. Of course, racking the slide gets into a different discussion on keeping one in the chamber, but it doesn’t take away from his skills; it might be the owner’s or manager’s gun.

In any case, watch how this clerk stays back and quickly pies the window. This is standard training for covering corners, doors and windows. Makes one think this clerk has had some training, but not too much considering the move across the window. The shot can be explained as nerves and the illusions of darkness. He saw something that made him think he needed to fire.

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