Pennsylvania Permit Holder Thwarts Robbery
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The late shift is when all the crazies come out, including those with truly bad intent. So, it’s not surprising that a little before midnight an armed robber walked into the Turkey Hill Market in Coatesville and demanded money from employees. However, a Pennsylvania permit holder saw the event unfolding and stepped in to thwart the attempt.

Fox 29 reports that the unidentified permit holder saw the robbery happening and entered to help employees. In the process, he shot the alleged robber, identified as Lawrence Galloway. Police are not identifying the permit holder for safety reasons.

The permit holder hit Galloway several times in the torso. Police arrived and transported Galloway to the Paoli Hospital for treatment, where he is expected to survive. No one else received injuries in the incident.

According to police, Galloway had active bench warrant for a parole violation, as well as criminal warrant for drug possession. Galloway faces robbery and gun possession charges in this incident.

Pennsylvania Permit Holder Paid Attention

The biggest problem most folks have regarding safety out in the world is not paying close enough attention. This includes concealed carriers. Most folks just don’t pay enough attention to what is happening around them. One of the biggest problems today are mobile phones, but this problem predates these devices. Despite its importance, most people don’t properly use situational awareness, even when carrying a gun.

This Pennsylvania man, however, realized exactly what was happening inside the store. He then made the decision to step in and handle the situation. He had the means and wherewithal to stand up for what is right. There is no way of knowing whether the robber would have pulled the trigger if he hadn’t received what he wanted. However, he was still trying to take what wasn’t his. And considering the warrants, this wasn’t his first crime.

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