South Carolina Restaurant Manager stops robbery
(Photo by Richland County Sheriff’s Department)

As a South Carolina restaurant manager closed up, a man startled her with a robbery attempt. She, however, had a gun, which she pulled and used to sent the suspect fleeing with a shot.

The suspect, who the Richland County Sheriff’s Department identified as Anthony James Summers, caught the woman unaware at the end of the night on June 3. When he came up, she dropped her belongings. When he grabbed the items, she pulled her gun, forcing him to flee as she fired a shot. Unfortunately, he got away, according to WLTX.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department is now asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect. The describe him as 6 foot, 1 inches tall, weighing around 170 pounds.

South Carolina Restaurant Manager Needs Better Awareness

Surprise is a great tactic, which is why situational awareness is so important. Anything that provides an advantage, even a few seconds, should be used. Being aware of one’s surroundings can often provide an advantage.

Staying aware must be constantly practiced until it is second nature. Col. Jeff Cooper developed a color code to teach awareness, covering every level from completely unaware (Condition White) to ready to fight (Condition Red). Except when asleep, experts recommend staying in Condition Yellow, which stands for relaxed awareness. In this condition, people are paying attention to what is happening around them. This includes people, as well as escape routes and potential cover. The mind should be constantly figuring ways to get away and fight, if necessary.

Another way to obtain an advantage over an assailant is by turning his or her attention to something else. That is what this manager did, either on purpose or accident. A robber wants what you have, so dropping, or throwing, a purse, wallet or other item can provide the needed time to fight back. Always stay aware, but if a situation does happen, look for anything that might provide an advantage over an attacker.

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