VARA Safety Reach Biometric Gun Safe
(Photo by VARA Safety)

Preventing unauthorized people from obtaining your gun is important. However, so is quick access in a situation. For these reasons, a lot of gun owner purchase safes, particularly biometric safes. Most, however, are big and kind of difficult to mount in certain locations, which is one of the benefits of the VARA Safety Reach biometric safe.

VARA Safety made a bit of a splash at both the 2019 SHOT Show and NRAAM with this hybrid holster and gun safe design. The Reach features a holster made to fit inside of the safe. It’s currently available for a variety of common pistols, such as various Glock pistols, as well as the Smith & Wesson Shield, the Ruger LR9 and 1911s.

It uses biometric fingerprint technology for quick access, and allows users to input five different authorized users. Users can also mount it on almost any hard surface, from bedsides to nightstands and even in vehicles. Its anodized aluminum alloy housing molded composite polymer insert keeps guns secure and accessible. Simply press the thumb on the pad while obtaining a firing grip, and it releases.

“We wanted to create a new generation of firearm safety,” said Timmy Oh, Chief Executive Officer of Vara Safety. “Reach finally brings a real solution for gun owners who needed to choose between locking up their gun or keeping it nearby and ready for protection.”

The power cord on the Reach stretches 5 feet, but it also comes with a backup battery and key override. The company is currently taking pre-orders, and plans to ship these gun safes in August 2019. Left-handed versions will become available shortly after the original launch.

VARA Safety Reach Biometric Safe

  • 2.5-pound weight
  • 8.5x5x4-inch dimensions
  • Universal 100-240V power supply
  • Stores five authorized users
  • Less than .05 second reaction time
  • One-year warranty
  • Power supply with 5-foot cable
  • Override key
  • Internal backup battery
  • Individual pistol holster insert
  • Fits multiple pistols
  • MSRP: $299

For more information about the VARA Safety Reach, please visit

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