Virginia Beach Victim Kate Nixon
(Photo by City of Virginia Beach)

For years, gun advocates have claimed that gun-free zones only creates victims, as criminals don’t follow laws; it’s what makes them criminals. Anti-gunners, though, still prefer to jump onto the topic of new gun laws rather than discuss what might have actually have saved some victims. It is what they’ve been doing ever since the Virginia Beach shooting. Going forward, that might be more difficult because of Virginia Beach victim Kate Nixon. Despite fearing for her own safety, she reportedly didn’t bring her gun to work on that fateful day because it was against city policy.

Virginia Beach Shooting & Aftermath

On May 31, the suspect (we’re not naming the shooter) walked into the Virginia Beach Municipal Center and started shooting around 4 p.m. Some reports list the suspect as a former employee because he had supposedly given his two-week notice that morning. It has also been reported that the shooter was facing disciplinary measures, but City Manager Dave Hansen has come out saying the shooter’s job performance was satisfactory.

“He was in good standing within his department, no issue of discipline ongoing,” Hansen said, according to USA Today.

This is why no one understands the motive behind the shootings. However, anti-gun politicians have already proposed numerous laws that wouldn’t have prevented this tragedy. The governor of Virginia wants to convey a special session for the legislature to consider new gun bills. These include requiring universal background checks and banning standard capacity magazines and bump stocks. The shooter purchased all the items legally, so a background check wouldn’t have stopped it there. Also, federal law already bans bump stocks, and besides, the shooter used a handgun.

Additionally, a city policy prevented employees from carrying the one item that might have been effective in stopping the shooter. However, anti-gunners pushing legislation haven’t mentioned that fact.

Armed Virginia Beach Victim Might Have Made a Difference

While the city claims the shooter had shown no signs of what was to come, some of his fellow employees felt differently. The Virginia Pilot claims it received conflicting reports from city employees about incidents surrounding the shooter.

In fact, Nixon supposedly talked to her husband the night before the shooting about sneaking her gun into work because of concerns about the shooter. She decided against this action because of the city’s policy against employees from bringing weapons to work. At least that’s what the Nixon family attorney Kevin Martingayle said on the “Hearsay with Cathy Lewis” radio show on Monday.

Martingayle claims to have no other information about the conversation. He did say, though, he had sent an email on behalf of the family requesting the city release all records on the shooter. He also requested an external investigation into the incident.

Now Nixon had worked for the city’s public utilities department for 10 years. She was also married and had a normal life before it was snuffed out by a madman. While there is no way of knowing for sure, Nixon might have been able stop the shooter if she had been carrying her gun. Unfortunately, she, unlike the shooter, followed the law and had no means of defense.

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