We often harp on the importance of training and awareness. These two factors make a huge impact on whether or not a person survives a self-defense incident. However, many shooters still just seem to ease along in life thinking they’re good enough. What many don’t realize is that you’re never good enough. Training is a lifetime commitment, and being aware of surroundings is just smart.

One of the best arguments for continuous training is special force operators. These men and women are some of the best gunfighters in the world, but they still train constantly to become better. In fact, operators often deploy on special training missions when not performing a mission for the country. They also train with operators from other services to improve and obtain new skills.

Now few civilians will reach the level of operators, nor do they need to do so, but this shows the importance of training. If the best in the world constantly train, then so should you, on a smaller level of course.

Additionally, folks need to stay aware of their surroundings at all times. Col. Jeff Cooper’s awareness color code is a great start, as it explains in detail mental level needed to stay safe. It’s purpose, though, is to provide options in potential situations, including avoidance. The best way to win a deadly attack is to avoid the attack.

Officer Used Training and Awareness

In the above video, the defender, who happened to be a military police officer in Brazil, according to, saw the attackers and quickly acted appropriately. He was aware of a pending attack, and used his training to thwart the attack.

During this situation, the officer’s training instantly kicked in, showing its importance. His draw was quick and smooth, and his shots were accurate. You can’t defeat an attacker if you fumble the draw. You also can’t win if your shots go astray. The news report states that the officer hit one of the attackers nine times in the chest, neck, arm and leg. That attacker died in the incident.

This incident also shows the importance of fighting through becoming wounded. One of the attackers hit the officer with shot in the stomach, but he powered through. Tenacity, wherewithal, willingness or whatever else one wants to call it keeps defenders in the fight even when injured. And it is something folks need to think about.

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