Four Types of Car Holster for Carrying on the Move

More Americans than ever are carrying firearms for self-protection these days, and the many combinations of weapons and specialized carry solutions are literally beyond counting. Fortunately, the market brings us a wide array of products optimized to provide ready access to your gun while remaining safe and secure. Here are a few.

Console Vault

Console Vault specializes in security safes for specific applications. While it offers superb safes that mount into your walls at home, its specialty is clearly vehicle-mounting solutions. It offers a specific safe configured for the saddlebags on your Harley as well as safe systems that are sculpted to fit a wide variety of vehicle types.

From the Cadillac Escalade to the Ford Fusion to the Toyota RAV4 as well as various Jeeps, Hummers and many more, Console Vault’s products are purpose-designed to interface with the specific geometry of your vehicle. It also produces a universal model if your specific vehicle is not on the extensive list. Access is via a round key or combination lock. It even offers safes with USB extensions that allow access to the vehicle’s USB port underneath the safe. Vehicle safes from Console Vault are stylish, secure and effective.

In car holster and gun box from Console Vault

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CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters offers a broad variety of functional and stylish firearm carry options. Their RAM mount allows you to affix a CrossBreed pistol holster to the handlebars of a motorcycle or any relatively flat surface inside an automobile with minimal fuss. The ball-mount design allows the rig to be achieve optimal angle for instant access. CrossBreed knows how to pack a gun, and its RAM mount is versatile and easy to use.

Crossbreed Holsters RAM Mount

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Highway Holster

Highway Holster specializes in interfacing your firearm with your automobile. The company’s Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount slips your handgun comfortably and discreetly into the gap between your seat and center console. Meanwhile it keeps the weapon instantly accessible. When exiting the vehicle, the holster pops loose for use as a concealed-carry accessory. The Highway Holster is a versatile and reasonably priced rig that keeps your gun secured and the muzzle pointed in a safe direction with a tiny mechanical footprint.

Highway Holster Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount

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Madhouse Design

Madhouse Design’s Gun Control System is a minimalist universal mounting solution that is readily adaptable to vehicular applications. This aluminum mounting system is small enough to stay out of the way yet incorporates a variety of interchangeable coated barrel pins in .22, 9mm, .40 and .45. Simply slip your pistol onto the bore pin and you have the fastest access of anything on the market. The Gun Control System mounts to any relatively flat space in your vehicle and provides a handy spot to keep your gun while driving. When it is time to exit the vehicle, just retrieve the weapon and holster it. Having made a few long car trips while sitting on a 1911 pistol, I can appreciate the appeal of this simple yet effective device.

Madhouse Design Gun Control System

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