While a gun is the best means of self defense, there are times when packing can be unrealistic or even illegal. This, of course, doesn’t stop criminals who have no regard for laws. For these times, folks need to have at least some understanding of unarmed fighting skills.

If putting hand against gun, one needs to be fairly well trained, or lucky and really good at waiting until the opportune moment. When fighting off or escaping a knife attack, though, individuals with quick reactions and some degree of knowledge can come out ahead in the situation. The first solution will always be avoidance if possible. This can be often be obtained via situational awareness; you see potential danger and you leave. After that comes escape, which is then followed by fighting.

Now, one thing people need to understand is that there is a very good chance a person will be cut in a knife fight. Even if an attacker is inexperienced, he or she can cause serious harm with a blade by simply swinging it with abandon. In fact, this video from the UF PRO Research Department explains that you need to be prepared to receive some injuries if you have to defend yourself against a knife.

Avoiding & Escaping a Knife Attack

In the video, the experts, who are always completely covered to prevent identification, show four different ways of handling a knife attack. Something folks need to understand, though, is that this video is not a tutorial. It is only designed to make one think about possible ways of overcoming a knife attack. Everyone should obtain training both for guns and unarmed defense.

  1. Run Away: Knives are close up weapons. So, running is one of the best ways to avoid being hurt. Sure, the attacker can give chase, but won’t in most instances; this could bring unwanted attention to the attack. And very few people have the ability to accurately throw a sharp object.
  2. Hands Up Movement: It might be necessary to use your hands to protect vital areas of the body. This includes the head and neck, as well as the chest and stomach. Most attackers target these areas. Getting your hands up also puts them in position to fight.
  3. Get Close: In most circumstances involving a knife, attackers want to keep their distance and slash. So, getting inside space for the attacker to work and allows you to control the knife hand.
  4. Surroundings: Being aware of surroundings creates options. Of course, sometimes the actual surroundings can reduce options, such as having an escape route blocked. However, these same items can be used to escape.

These tactics can help until you can figure out how to escape the situation. Of course, you can use them to win, but in most cases, it is best to get away. In any case, get real training before trying to defend yourself.

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