California Woman Shoots Intruder
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A dog is one of the best warning systems a person can have in his or her home. Even if the dog doesn’t actually attack, most will at least bark, letting the owner know something is wrong. A 77-year-old California woman should be grateful to her dog; it warned her of an intruder inside her home.

ABC 7 reports that San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies responded to a call in Lucerne Valley around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday. When they arrived, they found 32-year-old Shea Manigult suffering from a gunshot wound. They also found an older woman with the gun that fired the shot that hit Manigult.

She told police that her dog had awaken her, so she started looking around her house. That’s when she allegedly found Manigult  hiding in a bedroom. She told him to get out before going to get her gun. Manigult supposedly followed her, asking if her husband was home. As he approached, she fired. He was declared dead at the scene.

“The man came and followed her and started coming after her, and asked her, ‘Is your husband here?'” said Robert Martin, a nephew of the 77-year-old victim. “My aunt feared for her life, and she shot the poor guy.”

Deputies don’t have a motive for why Manigult entered the home, but found evidence of a forced entry. Police have not arrested the woman, but the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office will review the case.

Dog Saved This Older California Woman

Not too long ago, we ran a story about the differences between pets and protection dogs. It explained how pets don’t typically do much in regard to intruders. It takes training to teach a dog to protect a home or a person. Sure, some might try and come to their master’s aid, but most aren’t useful in that regard.

However, dogs offer much more than just companionship. Most will bark if they hear or see something wrong, providing awareness of potential situations. Awareness provides time, which allows options for defenders. Being caught unaware isn’t good, and even the family pet can let you know that something is wrong, both inside and outside your home.

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