Good ol’ California. Colt recently announced the addition of four Cobra revolvers to the California Department of Justice “certified for sale” list. Each handgun passed all firing, safety, and drop tests required for certification. Now customers can legally purchase the four Colt Cobra revolvers in California through licensed firearms dealers.

“California-compliant Colt Cobra” — try saying that five times fast.

Approved models include the 2-inch stainless matte Cobra with fiber-optic front sight, along with its big brother, the brushed stainless steel, 3-inch .357 King Cobra with brass bead front sight. The 2-inch matte black DLC coated, .38 Special Night Cobra–one with custom Colt G10 grips, the other with hyena brown grips and brass bead sight also gained approval. Colt says all four approved models are now shipping to California dealers for purchase.

“We have a loyal customer base in California, and we are following state-mandated protocol to ensure as many of our models as possible are available to them,” said Justin Baldini, Director of Marketing at Colt. “We are happy to know that California residents will have the chance to become Colt owners and we encourage them to stop by any of our stocking dealers.”

California Complaint Colt Cobra Revolver

  • 2-inch Stainless Matte Cobra, with fiber-optic sight (SM2FO)
  • 3-inch .357 Magnum King Cobra, with brass bead front sight (KCOBRA-SB3BB)
  • 2-inch Matte Black DLC, .38 Special Night Cobra; Custom G10 Grips, with Night Sight (COBRA-MB2NS)
  • 2-inch Matte Black DLC, .38 Special Night Cobra; Hyena Brown Grips, with brass bead sight (COBRA-MB2BB-HB)

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