Fireworks Stand Employee Shoots Robber
(Photo by ABC 13)

When a 19-year-old man allegedly walked up and demanded money, a fireworks stand employee in Texas did as he was told — right up until the employee grabbed the assailant’s gun and put a round into the bad guy’s face.

This incident actually happened on our nation’s birthday in Harris County, which is located in the Houston area down in Texas. ABC 13 reports that the suspect walked up with a gun and demanded money. The employee complied and dropped the money on the counter. That’s when the unidentified robber laid the gun on the counter so he could gather up the money. The employee simply picked up the gun from the counter, aimed it at the robber and pulled the trigger, hitting him in the face.

Emergency personnel transported the suspect to Houston Northwest Hospital in critical condition. He later died from his injuries. Police are still investigating, but it appears to be a case of self defense.

Fireworks Stand Employee Distracted Robber

A whole lot regarding this incident is surprising. Sure, it is not very surprising that someone tried to rob a business situated on the outskirts of a town and probably deals in a lot of cash. However, one would think that a Texas business would have a company gun, or at least an employee packing. One would also think that an armed robber wouldn’t put down his gun, but he was distracted by the money.

The employee might not have meant to distract the robber, but it provided an opportunity. This is something people need to remember if they’re ever accosted by an armed individual. Even if you don’t plan to fight back, you should consider dropping or throwing your wallet or purse so the robber must go for it. More than likely the robber is more interested in the money than the person. This provides an opportune moment to fight back or flee.

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