Galco VHS 3.0

Galco recently announced its newest shoulder holster, the VHS 3.0. The Galco VHS 3.0 brings a reshaping of the harness straps, replacement of harness screws with hey-hole harness fastener attachment and the addition of an innovative new tie-down system.

Galco’s orignial Vertical Holster System (VHS) deployed with soldiers to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Several law enforcement agencies, even helicopter pilots, employ the shoulder rig. The VHS also provides an alternative for those who want to the concealment of Galco’s Miami Classic but prefer the traditional vertical carry style.

Galco VHS 3.0 Features

A key component of the VHS 3.0 shoulder system is its spider harness. All four points of the spider harness pivot independently and are connected by clover-shaped Flexalon swivel back plates. This results in a better fit and lasting comfort, regardless of body size, according to Galco.

The wide harness straps on the VHS 3.0 received a redesign as well. the VHS 3.0 also features Galco’s improved key-hole harness fastener system that replaces the earlier screw-and-post system, This results in greater security, ease of assembly and greatly reduced chance of fastener loss, according to Galco.

The VHS 3.0 comes complete with vertical holster, harness, ammo carrier, tie-downs and a set of harness fasteners. Fiully modular, optional accessories and components for the VHS 3.0 may be purchased separately.

Whether you patrol the perilous sands of the Middle East, metropolitan America on the ground or from the air, exercise your Second Amendment right to bear arms, or stalk the hunting fields of the world, the VHS 3.0 will help you and your handgun stay secure in an often-dangerous world.

Made for semiautomatic pistols, the VHS 3.0 is ambidextrous and available in tan or black finish.

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