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It isn’t a requirement to have a belt when you go out to the range. For the longest time I didn’t have one and still managed to have a good time, but I would get annoyed when I wanted to practice any kind of drill or change things up. Without a belt to keep al your “things,” it makes that task a bit difficult. I put together a list to start out and some things to consider for those looking to setup their first belt.

Things to Consider

I don’t know exactly why it took so long for me to start thinking seriously about getting a belt, especially because as an Army MP the topic of how you set up your belt was very important. It took me a while to figure out what was comfortable, which is completely normal. For example, I have a very short torso and really long arms, so having a holster on my hip was much more difficult to draw from than a thigh holster.

Not only does it take time to figure out what different types of equipment works best for you, it’s also good to practice having different things in different positions. If something feels really unnatural, switch it up. Don’t worry about if someone you admire does it differently or what other people tell you. I get made fun of a lot from random range people because they think I grab mags “backwards” from the pouches on a belt. It was actually a habit I got used to from taking them out of the pouch on my IOTV or plate carrier. Whatever works best for you, go with it.

Cliche but True: Quality is Key

It is no secret that anything gun related is expensive, and when building your belt setup, the cost can become overwhelming, quickly. If you have to space out what you but, do it. Create a timeline of the stuff you want based on what is most important to you (See the list below as a guideline. It isn’t a science, your priorities/wants might be different). Make a plan on how you will save for it and reward yourself with your new purchase. Quality is really important; you don’t want to keep repurchasing accessories. The goal is to be able to have fun and focus on improving your skills knowing your equipment is reliable, rather than worrying about it falling apart.

Gun Belt & Accessory List (Tested & Approved)

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