Team SIG Sauer’s Max Michel, a world champion several times over, certainly knows a thing about shooting competitively. But as a former member of the vaunted U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, Michel knows defensive shooting as well. And in SIG’s latest video, Michel breaks down the proper techniques for shooting around cover.

Shooting Around Cover

All shooting, regardless of platform, shares a few basic tenants. Foot placement proves critical in all aspects of shooting. Proper foot placement equals balance and control.

“Shooting around objects, the first thing we need to understand is that we’re going to lose balance and stability of our normal shooting platform,” Michel said. “So what I want to do to counter that, if I’m shooting from the righthand side of the barricade, or position, my right foot will be forward. If I’m shooting from the lefthand side of the barricade, well my left foot will just simply be forward in that situation.

“And here’s why,” Michel continued. “If I drew an imaginary line from my feet straight downrange, that’s what I call my sector of fire. I want to make sure everything I’m engaging is successfully within my sector of fire so I can get to it easily and effectively.”

Maintaining Proper Distance From Cover

While footwork and balance are key, so too is maintaining distance. For Michel, getting too close to cover adds more time to his match scores. But in a fight, getting too close to a barricade can prove deadly.

“Staying an arm’s length away from the barricade is going to be critical for speed, but also for combative reasons. When I come into this position for speed, I don’t want to get so far in that it takes me time to locate that target. I want to get in there just enough to locate the target and shoot and get out. Because it takes time to get in and time to get out. From a combative situation, if I bring the pistol all the way through that position and I’m engaging, it’s very easy for someone on the other side of the barricade, wall, window, doorway, whatever it may be, for them to snatch that pistol away from me.

“So I want to make sure I keep contact with that pistol at all times, and stay about an arm’s length away and keeping the pistol straight up and down on target,” Michel concluded.

No doubt Michel makes it all look easy. But try these tips the next time you hit the range. You’ll be surprised how much just a little tweaking of stance and distance can add to your shooting success.

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