Personal Defense World August - Sept 2019

This issue of Personal Defense World is all about the cold hard facts. We took a look at the stats and came up with some pretty interesting numbers.

Personal Defense World August-September 2019

With the average police response time of four major cities (Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, and Seattle) being roughly 7.5 minutes and crimes occurring roughly every 3.5 seconds that means that 128 crimes can potentially be committed before the police can respond. With numbers like that you can quickly realize why so many people have decided to take their safety into their own hands.

However, staying safe and protecting your loved ones involves more than just buying a firearm. You need to know the ins and outs of gun handling, how to store your new firearm, and more importantly how to maintain your firearm so it performs when you need it the most. We wanted to help all those who are taking a more proactive approach to safety so we filled this issue with expert guides to knife fighting, home security, self-defense tactics, and maintaining situational awareness. For the more seasoned advocates, we put together a complete buyer’s guide filled with the newest guns, the best new safes, and latest ammo.

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Personal Defense World Aug-Sept 2019

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