RE Factor Tactical is well known in the gun and SOF communities for producing everything from exceptional tactical gear to must see motivational products. One area where the company excels is also an area where some may not know it even operates.

RE Factor, in fact, is a great source for training targets. This includes a fantastic variety of staples, such as the FBI target, FLETC II target and a Homeland Defense target. However, RE Factor also has some unique targets designed in collaboration with other companies in the firearms and training world. I was recently able to test drive a couple of these targets along with a “classic” during a range session.

RE Factor Tactical “Kill Zone” Target

The first collaborative target is called “Kill Zone Target” and comes with an overlay of the basic human anatomy. This collaborative target with Max Ordinate Academy is designed to give shooters the ability to see how rounds would affect the human body in a self-defense situation. I found it to be a good reminder of just what our ultimate targets are when we’re shooting center mass drills.

IPSC/USPSA Practice Target

The second target I worked with was an IPSC/USPSA Practice Target. This target is IPSC/USPSA approved and is designed for training and competing in IPSC/USPSA matches. What I liked about this one was the cost and the fact that it was a paper target. Normally targets in this realm are cardboard, which is both bulky and expensive. RE Factor has solved both of those downsides.

RE Factor Tactical GTG Baseline Target

The last target is the GTG Baseline Target. A training company out of Denmark, GTG has created a solid target for anyone looking for a target solution that offers multiple training scenarios. This target offers both traditional and non-traditional overlays that allow you to run a wide variety of pistol and rifle shooting drills, tests and exercises. It is a very utilitarian design and one that will certainly be worth your time and money.

Take a look and see what RE Factor has to offer in addition to targets. However, plan on it taking some time; you might go through the entire site looking at everything you suddenly need and can’t live without. For more information, please visit

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