Remington R1 Commander 1911 giveaway
(Photo by Alex Landeen)

To really make the September/October 2019 “1911 edition” of Combat Handguns truly special, we had the Remington Custom Shop create a one-of-a-kind R1 Commander worthy of a gun giveaway. But that’s not all. As with our previous “Fully Loaded” offerings, we’re giving away a ton of other gear, too, including a Versacarry holster, ammo and more.

1. Custom Remington R1 Commander

What started life as a stock production R1 Commander has been transformed by the master gunsmiths at the Remington Custom Shop into a prime example of balancing form and function that every fan of the 1911 platform will respect.

The machine-engraved frontstrap and flattop add just the right amount of flair. Meanwhile, the undercut triggerguard, ambidextrous thumb safety, beveled slide stop, blended mag well, extended mag release, custom VZ G10 grip panels, enhanced beavertail grip safety and front slide serrations make it easy to run this Remington.

The Novak front night sight, GI-style rear combat sight, skeletonized hammer and tuned trigger come together to make this 1911 shoot with speed and precision. The two-tone Cerakote finish is subtle and pleasing. This isn’t a BBQ gun that wants to live in a safe. It’s a custom shooter that desires to be carried.

2. Versacarry Gun Belt

Versacarry’s new handcrafted Compound Series holsters combine the look and feel of premium water buffalo leather with the strength, form and adjustability of Kydex. The Kydex is layered within the leather, marrying the best of both worlds for security, comfort and looks. But this special rig—which includes a sturdy belt, a holster and a magazine pouch—is etched with “R1” and the Combat Handguns logo, making it truly unique. Of course, like other Compound Series OWB holsters, you can adjust the retention. Versacarry also includes a raised protective backing and an 18-percent forward cant for improved drawstrokes. It’s a perfect match for your new Remington 1911.

3. Remington Squeeg-E Handgun Cleaning System

This soft-sided, water-resistant case includes everything you need to keep your handgun running clean. The kit includes .22, 9mm/.357/.38, 10mm/.40 and .44/.45 caliber Rem Squeeg-Es, matching bronze bore brushes, a 6-inch aluminum cleaning rod with a handle and revolver brush adapter, a two-sided nylon cleaning brush, a 1911 bushing wrench and a brass pin punch. The cleaning kit also comes with Rem Oil and Rem Action Cleaner. Why? Obviously to make sure your new custom pistol is clean and lubed for a long time to come.

4. Remington & Barnes Ammo

When your life is in danger, the self-defense rounds you carry can make the difference. That’s why we’ve included two of the best .45 ACP loads on the market in this gun giveaway. Remington’s Golden Saber Black Belt ammunition features the Mechani-Lokt belt, which firmly locks the jacket to the core and controls expansion for better terminal performance, and the spiral nose cuts ensure reliable controlled expansion. The Barnes TAC-XPD load uses all-copper projectiles with deep hollow points that expand, penetrate and perform with the best in the business.

*No purchase required. Open to U.S. residents only and void where prohibited. Prizes worth $2,775. Sponsored by Remington and Versacarry. Starts 7/2/19 and ends 9/2/19.

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