We tout training on a regular basis. The reason for this is that shooters will regulate to training in a self-defense situation. Those who train with sights will use sights during an incident. Those who train for shooting under pressure will be more accurate than those who just perform standard range drills. These folks also typically have a better understanding of what to do in situations. This can be seen in the video above.

Supposedly, this woman is an Argentinian police officer. Whether correct or not, this woman has a gun on her person with a decent reaction time; Argentina actually has fairly liberal gun laws compared to much of South America. In the video, it looks like she is waiting on either a bus or someone to pick her up. Considering the bag and the industrial-looking area, she might have just come from the gym.

Of course, what she is doing doesn’t really matter. The video shows her waiting until an SUV drives up and stops. The woman cautiously watches as a man gets out and starts closing the distance. She sees the gun in his hand and immediately draws; both start shooting. Neither, however, actually seems to aim. The woman might have used her sights for the first shot, but every other shot was pointed. It doesn’t look like the man aimed any of his shots.

Now, this robbery, assassination, whatever happens really quickly. The woman goes from condition yellow to orange to red in seconds, which is exactly how these situations seem to happen. This shows the importance of training and implementing shooting under pressure.

Training for Shooting Under Pressure

There are lots of ways to introduce pressure or stress into range time. Some methods are better than others, especially depending on the person. Some people really feel pressure when competing against friends or family. Others stress out when running against a clock. Both are great tools for getting a heart pumping harder.

Folks can also add in exercise, especially if training alone. Sprinting 40 to 50 yards and back, or dropping and doing 20 to 30 pushups greatly increases heart level. Pushups, especially quite a few of them, can also make the arms quiver just a bit, similar to what happens when adrenaline surges in the body. Combining a few of these methods, such as exercise and a timer, can really increase pressure on shooters.

The point is to create a feeling similar to what could happen on the street. Sure, it is impossible to make a situation feel like life or death, but adding stress to training can make the situation feel somewhat more realistic.

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