A Baskin-Robbins employee turned the tables on a would-be robber, grabbing the suspect’s knife before physically fighting the man. Security footage published by the Active Self Protection YouTube channel breaks down the defensive encounter.

Footage shows a male suspect enter the store and walk to the counter. Then the suspect pulls a large knife on the clerk, identified only as Leslie, demanding she give him money.

Baskin-Robbins Employee Turns Tables on Armed Robber

“As soon as I get to the counter, he grabs me by the apron and then holds his knife to my stomach and he says, ‘Open the register, give me all the money in it’ and I looked down and I’m like ‘whoa’ cause it’s just like a huge knife at my stomach and I’m just like oh my god, we’re being robbed,” said Leslie, as reported by

That’s when an unidentified male coworker calmly steps in. But as the clerk begins opening the register, the assailant inexplicably lays down his weapon. That’s when the male worker quickly snatches up the knife, turning the tables on the suspect.

“The suspect backs up like he’s stunned, can’t believe that this just happened. Now, his weapons gone,” said Ret. Det. Myrle Carner from Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound, according to

After a moment of presumed indecision, the suspect renews his attempt to get the money. And that’s when the male worker, now armed with a knife, puts on a shockingly impressive defensive display. He first uses the knife to parry the suspect’s swipes for the man’s arms. Then after the crook jumps the counter in a mad attempt to swipe the cash, the worker delivers several kicks to the mid-section. The suspect eventually grabbed a reported $6 before scurrying out the door.

Meanwhile, Leslie and the male coworker avoided injury, despite being shaken by the incident.

“I told him he was a hero and I bought him a cup and said you’re awesome! Stay like that,” said Leslie, according to

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