It’s been quite a summer for SIG Sauer. Starting with the release of the P320 X5 Legion, SIG captured the eye and interest of competition shooters everywhere. Infusing TXG Tungsten into the frame gave the X5 Legion a look and feel unlike anything the market’s seen thus far. Soon after, SIG wowed our world yet again with the release of the P365 XL. The highly concealable carry gun features a 12+1 capacity with an optional 15-round capacity. Now, nearing summer’s end, the manufacturer is at it again with the all-new SIG ROMEOZero red dot. Designed for the P365 XL and other pistols with thinner slides, namely subcompacts and single stack 1911s, the new red dot falls in line with the quality we’ve come to expect from SIG.

A New Look

Having been among the first to test the new P365 XL, I was also given the opportunity to test one of the ROMEOZero prototypes. Aesthetically, the new red dot is quite different from others in the SIG Optics family. For starters, the stippling pattern incorporated on the optics housing is made to match the P365 and P365XL to give a cohesive and integrated look.

SIG describes this optic as, “The fastest, most accurate, ultra-compact micro reflex sight — the ROMEOZero has been optimized for everyday concealed carry and pistols with slim slide profiles. The sight features a ruggedized, Weapons Grade textured polymer body and the Spectra Coat HD Polymer lens system. The ROMEOZero enables rapid target acquisition in an everyday carry package at an iron sight price.”

The SIG ROMEOZero Build

SIG made the ROMEOZero Weapons Grade Ultralite Polymer housing, which gives it the element of durability. The Spectra Coat HD Polymer Lens system offers 10 times the resistance to impact over other traditional glass lenses. Both of these features are specifically useful given SIG designed the optic primarily for everyday concealed carry. Concealing a gun with an optic incorporated can lead to issues and damage caused by repeated holstering and unholstering. The added durability and resistance to both the housing and lens could significantly make a difference and makes EDC with the new optic a simple task.

MOTAC technology (Motion Activated Illumination System) powers the ROMEOZero. This technology powers up illumination immediately when it senses motion and will power down when the optic is still. It saves the last setting the optic was on when it powers down. Why is that useful? Because the optic powers back up at that same setting.

The MOTAC system aids tremendously in preserving battery life, which is pretty substantial to begin with. The ROMEOZero has a 10-year battery life. This is literally unrivaled in the world of micro reflex sights. Daytime illumination is user configurable. It offers eight vivid daytime settings with a point source LED emitter that is highly efficient and parallax free, offering a much crisper dot than other conventional red dots. The ROMEOZero is available in both 3 and 6 MOA.

On the Range

For me, installation was pretty simple. The P365 XL comes with an optics-ready slide, so it was just a matter of attaching the ROMEOZero with two screws — fast and easy. My range time with the optic/pistol combo was thorough to say the least. After a simple installation process, I benched the gun to get it properly zeroed. It was one of those days where the stars aligned and zeroing didn’t take long. The day was clear and bright, so I adjusted the dot to match the ambient light. I have found that keeping it only as bright as you absolutely have to helps improve accuracy. Having an optic too bright in the middle of a bright day can be a bit much.

I ran a ragged hole drill to begin not only to test the gun and optic, but to once again check my zero. The gun glass combo performed well, as a true single ragged hole developed on the target after five rounds. I found the optic to have excellent clarity and the dot made aiming significantly faster compared to using standard pistol sights. This became an ongoing theme as I moved from drill to drill.

Concealed Testing

I am a concealed carry advocate and do my best to test guns in a CCW type application. Once again, the ROMEOZero shined. Many people have a justifiable concern that adding an optic to their carry gun will make it bulky and difficult to draw. I didn’t find this to be true at all with the SIG ROMEOZero. The optic has such a small footprint that it did not affect my draw whatsoever. When you take that into consideration along with how much faster it allows you to get on target, it quickly becomes a no-brainer.

In addition to range time, I spent several days carrying the SIG ROMEOZero with the P365 XL. I wanted to see how it carried and ultimately to see if any issues arose. At the end of that time I headed back to the range for a little more shooting. I found that the ROMEOZero did not affect anything regarding concealed carry. It was unnoticeable and didn’t create any issues at all.

My biggest question was whether it would hold zero after several days of active wear in a real day to day environment. When I got back to the range and set up, I quickly drew the gun as if it were a lethal force encounter. I fired five shots on the target and was pleased to find the optic had not shifted zero in the slightest. A quick trip back to the bench confirmed this as the group was almost identical to my first round at the range days earlier. In short, range and EDC testing were an easy task for the ROMEOZero.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the SIG ROMEOZero is a pretty sweet optic. It’s durable, functions well, looks sharp and has a very manageable price point with an MSRP of $249. The combination of this optic with the P365 XL, along with the-15 round extended magazine, makes for a really sharp looking gun. Even with the optic and larger magazine it is unbelievably easy to conceal and comfortable to carry.

This has definitely been the “summer of SIG” with the release of two new stellar guns and a great optic; all products that are truly worth checking out. SIG said the ROMEOZero will likely be available and start shipping in September. This is a great new option in the world of micro optics, so if you’re in the market for one this would absolutely be worth your time to check out. For more information, please visit


  • Sight Window: .72 in x .61 inches
  • Battery: CR1632
  • Windage: 120 MOA
  • Elevation: 120 MOA
  • Brightness Settings: 8 Daytime Settings
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 years
  • Weight: 0.4 ounces
  • MSRP: $249

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