Holosun HE508T features proprietary technology for carry optics.

Holosun recently announced the release of its newest micro red dot optic, the HE508T-RD. Designed for use on semi-automatic pistols and other defensive weapons, the Holosun HE508T-RD provides an option for carry optics and personal defense use.

The HE508T utilizes proprietary technology to help keep its users shooting in any environment, according to Holosun. The HE508T’s titanium housing makes it durable, corrosion resistant and lightweight. Meanwhile, Solar FailSafe and Shake Awake technologies keep it running, no matter what. Additionally, the HE508T has an IPX8 waterproof rating, meaning the optic safely operates in wet climates, rain and even submerged.

The optic provides up to 100,000 hours, or ten years, of battery life. The Shake Awake technology powers the optic down when not in motion. Once movement resumes, the optic immediately restores power to the LED. The unit also features a Solar FailSafe, a small solar panel, to ensure the dot will always have illumination.

The HE508T uses a Multiple Reticle System, providing a choice between a 2 MOA dot or 32 MOA ring, or both. This enables the micro red dot to run with several different weapon systems or adjust to user preference for faster and more reliable target acquisition. While the unit boasts multiple reticles, it features only one LED, meaning the HE508T needs only one zero.

The HE508T packs a lot of technology into a small, lightweight, corrosion resistant titanium body. The result is a rugged, capable, premium optic in a small package. The HE508T micro red dot retails for $411.75.

For more information, visit holosun.com.

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