An armed robber pulled a gun as he entered a business recently in Philadelphia. But a MetroPCS employee happened to be a concealed carrier, and he pulled a gun of his own, shooting and killing the suspect in an intense, quick chain of events. Recently released security footage shows the entire scene play out. Watch the news report above or the raw video at the bottom of this post.

MetroPCS Employee Carrying Concealed

The suspect clearly pulls a pistol as he enters the phone store. He appears to toss a bag onto the counter, reportedly telling the MetroPCS employee to fill the bag up with phones. But instead of holding the gun on the worker, the would-be robber sort of walks away. He appears to take his eyes off the clerk for a moment, and he fails to keep the gun pointed on the worker.

And that’s all the break the MetroPCS employee would need. Footage shows the worker go for his gun, which he carries concealed, seemingly from a holster. The man clears the pistol and presents, pointing his gun at the suspect. That’s when the video runs out.

“He discharged his firearm and the robbery suspect numerous times, striking him,” said Philadelphia Police Captain Scott Drissel, according to

Police said criminals hit this particular store several times before, at least twice in the last year. One would surmise it lead to the worker obtaining a concealed carry permit and defending his life. Police also regularly visit the store, according to

“There is a police logbook in there,” Drissel said, according to “Officers will typically go inside the store and meet with the employees there and sign the logbook.”

While the suspect died, police have not charged the employee with any crime. In the end, a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun, again proving concealed carry works as a crime deterrent.

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