Rosco Sauce Pack AR rifle and pistol bundle

Rosco Manufacturing recently announced its newest AR component offerings, the Rosco Sauce Pack product bundles. The Sauce Pack combines the company’s Bloodline barrels along with additional key components.

The Rosco Sauce Pack bundles come from direct consumer requests asking for key components needed for carbine and pistol builds. As such, the Sauce Pack bundles feature a Bloodline barrel, Bloodline BCG, Bloodline gas block and Bloodline gas tube. The resulting hand-picked parts list produces results right out of the box, according to Rosco.

All parts within these kits synchronize together and create an uninterrupted system that brings every individual component to its peak performance level. The Bloodline accessories, along with the company’s popular barrels, make for a solid combo, in both performance and cost savings, according to Rosco.

“These components are designed to work perfectly when used together as part of a complete “ignition” system, said Gabriel Cabrera, Marketing/Sales Director, Rosco Manufacturing. “The parts work to enhance the operation of any carbine/ pistol build that the end user has planned.”

Effective immediately, the following Rosco products are live and for sale:

Rosco Manufacturing Sauce Pack Bundles

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