ZEV Technologies recently announced the release of its newest pistol platform, the ZEV OZ9 Compact. The new concealable, modular pistol scales down the previously released full-size OZ9, bringing desired features into a compact model.

ZEV OZ9 Compact Features

ZEV’s new compact blurs the line between a personal defense, concealed carry and duty pistol without sacrificing on features, according to ZEV. The Compact delivers better balance, less felt recoil and more control and exhibits flatter shooting. These traits stem from the pistol’s full-length internal steel receiver. Other key features include an improved grip angle and ergonomics. The OZ9 Compact also includes an extended beavertail, enhanced grip texture and single pin takedown modularity.

“The OZ9 Compact is the epitome of modularity,” said Alec Wolf, Founder and CTO, ZEV Technologies. “I always envisioned being able to have one gun that would do anything with endless options. The Standard OZ9 was just the first step, and the Compact is the next. With this platform we will be releasing new grips, slides, and accessories that allow the end-user the ability to customize the gun to better fit their needs.”

“If you are familiar with the OZ-9, then you are going to love the Compact OZ-9,” added Dave Roberts, Vice President of Marketing, ZEV Technologies. “It offers the same full-size modularity of O.Z-9, just in a smaller, more concealable version.”

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